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ASER Mobile Small Engine Repair

Honda GX200

Rotax FR 125



Dyno Services

· Honda and Other 4 Stokes for now
· We can also Dyno Jr Dragster Engines
· Various Packages available
· By the Hour or a Run
· A Run consists of at least 3 Dyno Pull’s so as to determine a consistent average of the HP and Torque Curves for each engine. Every Dyno Run is corrected for Temp, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure. This way you can check the engine throughout the season and determine when its time to “freshen it up”

Seasonal (April-Oct)

· Hourly $75.00 as many pulls as you want, or need, min 1 hour.
· 1 Run $45.00
3 Runs $99.00 (Package use throughout the season to check Performance)

Off Season (Nov-March)

· Hourly $60.00 Min 1 hour
· 1 Run $35.00
3 Runs $75.00 (Package min 1 Run during off-season can use others through Regular Race Season)

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